Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Jack's Chain Crochet Quilt

A long time ago I started this Jack's Chain Crochet Quilt with Drops Paris.
I finished it but didn't make a pattern, even though a lot of people asked me to.
Just recently I started a new one with less bright colors.

And again lots of people asked me to make a pattern, so this time I did.
I used Stonewashed and Charming 
You can find the pattern in my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Shop


  1. Thank you for writing a pattern! I'm so excited about this.

  2. Hello, there's a 404 not found error on the Rav link because there's an extra hyphen before the s of jacks. It's still easy enough to find using the Rav search but thought you would like to fix it here.
    This is a gorgeous blanket, I remember trying to figure it out when you did the first one, I'm glad there's a pattern now!

  3. Please could you give an idea of finished sizes if motifs using the stonewashed as you did, and secondly which parts are done in the alternate yarn?
    Thanks for an interesting pattern!