Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Berni and me.

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Today I am going to write about my good friend Bernadette Ambergen, I call her Berni.
You might know her as Berniolie. This is the name of her Etsy and Ravelry shop where she sells beautiful crochet work and patterns.
Berni and me in better times.....
I miss her on social media, I miss seeing new designs, I miss chatting a lot with her, but most of all I miss visiting her for fun! At the moment when I visit her I have to go the hospital, where she has been for a long time now, and unfortunately will stay for a long time. It makes me so sad to see my friend being sick and get tired so fast, while I got so much to tell her. Must mention that also when she feels good I wear her out though ;-)
I can't really tell you what's wrong with her because even the doctors aren't very clear about it, but something goes wrong in her belly, which makes her feel awfully sick. She already had 2 operations and probably will have another one in a while. I do hope so that after that she will get better soon.
Because I want to hang out with her again, go yarn shopping, chat more often and I want to see new beautiful designs!!!
Until than lets not forget her and let's visit her shop! Here are some of my favorite designs by her!
You can click on the photo's to go directly to the patterns.