Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bonbon in the mix.

You remember that box full of Bonbons I got just recently?
I really like the yarn and all the colors, but it's pretty thin,
so it works up a bit to slow for me. Then I thought of an other
thin yarn I got laying around for a long time.
Mohair Rhythm by Scheepjes.
(which they sell at Wool warehouse, they ship worldwide)
I thought maybe mixing them would be nice and make both of them
nicer to work with for me. And it did!
It gives a wonderful texture.

I used my Chunky Flower Motif which you can find here.
Now it's not chunky anymore, but it works perfectly!
I might make a shawl!

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  1. Dat ziet er prachtig uit. Het lijkt een beetje op spinnenweb wat er om heen zit. Een herfstsjaal dus. ;-)) XX Esther

  2. Goed idee om het te combineren. Ziet er mooi uit! Ik begin steeds benieuwder te worden hoe dun de bonbon nou in het echt is!

  3. Love the combination of yarns...that was brilliant! They would make a beautiful summer shawl! :)