Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Waterfall Scarf

Klik hier voor Nederlands.

For this Scarf I used Catona 25gr by Scheepjes

You can buy the yarn here at Wool Warehouse and at Deramores UKUSAAUCA,) they both send worldwide.

Purple: 2x 394, 1x 128, 1x 256, 1x 240, 1x 114, 1x 246, 1x 251
Green: 2x 395, 1x245, 1x 392, 1x 100, 1x 402, 1x 385, 1x 253

Hook 4mm.

The scarf measures about 160x35cm.

The patterns is in US terms

First you have to make the wavy strips. I made 6 strips with 52 waves.

Now we have to crochet the strips together. Like I said I made strips
with 52 waves, but for the pattern I drew strips with only 5 waves,
just to make it clear.
Go all the way around, make sure to crochet loops on the top and bottom
of the strips for the fringes.
Start to crochet around a second strip, but stop before you crochet
the second chain on top of the wave, pull your needle out...

I love to share my designs with you to inspire you and I like to keep it free! A little donation though would be much appreciated, so I can keep buying yarn.

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  1. Wow, wonderful scarfs! Thank you for showing us the Design, the stitches.
    Greetings by Heidrun from Bavaria, Augsburg 🌞

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely free pattern. I like to dye yarn and this would be wonderful for color experiments. You have a great eye for color yourself. I pinned it to my Pinterest board and suspect that many people will enjoy making your lovely scarf.

    Thanks again, Valerie from New York City

  3. Gorgeous, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for your sharing...
    So beautiful. I love it.

  5. Always something beautiful to find here. Thanks you, Atty.

  6. Always something beautiful to find here. Thanks you, Atty.