Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Crochet at Blijburg aan Zee

Close to my house there is very nice bar/restaurant called Blijburg aan Zee. It has a bohemian chic feel to it and I love it!
I meet up there with friends that like crochet as much as I do and we just sit there, chit chat and crochet.

I want to share some more pictures with you, to show you this colorful and inspiring  place.
And the blanket that I finished sitting there, blended in perfectly!


  1. Prachtige foto's, schitterende kleuren!

    Lieve groetjes, Tinne

  2. Wat is je deken geweldig mooi geworden! Ik kwam vroeger ook graag in Blijburg! Zo'n fijne sfeer! En een grote inspiratiebron bij het inrichten van mijn Finca na m'n emigratie naar Spanje.

    1. Zo leuk! Spaans weer zou Blijburg nog beter maken ;-)

  3. Mooi, mooi, mooi, mooi!!!! Allebei, deken en café.

  4. Oh, wat ziet dat er allemaal gezellig uit! En je deken is prachtig!

  5. Dear Atty, el lugar donde vives y compartes tu aficcion es precioso y tus trabajos son muy bonitos...

  6. What an awesome place. It looks very friendly and inviting. I wish I had something similar where I live. Even our LYS doesn't offer a place to sit and knit. I don't know how to crochet, but I do enjoy following your blog.

  7. Hey Atty,
    Wat ontzettend leuk om vrienden te hebben in de buurt die ook graag haken. Gezellig hoor. Je deken is erg mooi geworden.
    Fijn weekend.

    Lieve groetjes,

  8. i love this place, it is so cosy. i live in amsterdam, too but unfortunately this place is too far to where i live. i wish i have also similar crochet meetings in the city.

  9. What a discovery right? we had some fun times crocheting and chatting along
    Up to march 11th for a big gathering at Blijburgs :-)