Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I used to think a hook is a hook and crocheted with what ever hook I could find. Actually I crocheted my Star Blanket with a tunesian hook (one that has the lenght of a knitting needle) because I didn't have a normal hook size 5 mm laying around!
But how wrong of me to think so...
A little while ago I got some new hooks, a nice set of Knit Pro Waves and Clover Amour.
I can tell you right away, that I love them both! Don't know why I didn't treat myself before with some good hooks.
You can see here that the grip is a bit different and that the Clover Amour is slightly longer.
I can't really say I have a preference, considered the grip, they are both nice to hold, soft but firm.

What I do like better about the Clover Amour, is the size of the hook being stamped in the rubber instead of printed, because like you see in this picture, it wears off. 

I tested the hooks on several different kind of yarns, they both work wonderful. But I have to admit that with a specific yarn I could tell a difference. And that's with "splitty" yarn, As you can see the point of the Clover Amour (hook on the left) is a little bit rounder, which I guess makes it slide a bit better. I noticed that I hardly "split" the yarn with the Clover Amour.
So if I had to choose which one to buy I 'd go for the Clover Amour, but Knit Pro is definitely also a very nice hook and a bit less expensive.
I like this hooktesting! Hope to get to test more soon. Like the Japanese ergonomic hooks....