Thursday, July 2, 2015

Yarnshop De Afstap

Today I went to a cute little yarnshop in the centre of Amsterdam. it's called De Afstap.

All that yarn and those colors!!!
A lady walked in with this beautifull old stroller, I love it!
I bought some yarn to bring with me on vacation, only tree skeins, but lots of color....


  1. Morning Atty I can't wait to see what you lovingly create out of your yarn from Amsterdam :-) have a lovely crafty weekend and oh love your colourful blog ♥

  2. Heerlijk z'n garenwinkel, die zie je niet zo heel erg veel meer.

    Lieve groet,dinah

  3. Prachtig garen heb je gekocht! Ik ben ook een keer in de Afstap geweest, een erg leuke winkel!

  4. Hi Atty, I came across De Afstap a few years ago on one of my visits to NL - it's heaven,isn't it!
    BTW, your work is inspirational - THANK YOU for sharing :) Best wishes, Amanda

  5. Help Atty, that looks like a lovely yarn shop. And Noro is amazing! I wonder what you will make from it?
    Enjoy your summer!!!
    Ingrid xx