Friday, July 31, 2015

New Yarn! Merino Soft

Scheepjes will launch an other new yarn soon, called Merino soft.
I am such a lucky girl I already got my hands on some of this
really beautiful yarn. It is super soft and will be available in
an hughe amount of colours!
An extra that comes with this yarn, is the easy start label, with
this you can pull the yarn out from the inside.
Lately I am in to making floral shawls and yes I will turn this
wool into one also!


  1. Seems very nice wool in brilliant colors. I am fan of Scheepje Yarn.

    Nice weekend, grts Tinne

  2. Bofbips geniet ze! Schitterende kleuren 😍

  3. I recently bought my first Scheepjes. Some Catona balls in beautiful colours and Im using them to make your Catona Flower Shawl. Cant wait to get started!

  4. In Simply Crochet there is an advert for the Melting Snowflake Winter Kit, but I can't find it anywhere, Where can I buy it please.... Helen UK

  5. The photo at the top of the page showing six skeins of the yard are a nice combo of colors. I need exactly six colors for a blanket I'll crochet. Can someone tell me which colors these are: the color numbers, so I can order them?

    1. Merino soft by Scheepjes 603, 605, 624, 630, 634 and 637

    2. Thanks so much! That's impossible to know without a color card in hand. Now I can place an order.

    3. I've tried to come close to the colors you mentioned but what I see online for them is very different. Were you giving me the color numbers in order, from left to right? I ask because even taking variation in color on different computers, the very pale blue at the far left doesn't appear to be anything like the 603 I see online. Thank you.