Monday, April 13, 2015

Sunkissed Summer Top Pattern/Tutorial

Click here for dutch version/ klik hier voor nederlandse versie.

For this Summer Top I used Sunkissed by Scheepjes,
Nr 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10.
I used hook 3,5mm

To join the hexagons you crochet a second one just like the one before, but you first pull the loops through the finished one. Hope these pictures make it clear!

Now take a top for a sample. Start joining hexagons, put it on top of the top, to sort of get that shape.

I made a nice straight edge all the way around the top like this:

To give the back a litle bit of extra support i stitched on a piece of elastic band (5cm shorter).


  1. This is a beautiful top. Thank you for sharing your pattern. My grandaughter will love this. Thank you again

  2. I love this and I want to make it for my daughter! Can you tell me how many balls you used, is it one of each and did you have a lot left over? The size of the H&M top, then I have an idea of the size. Thanks again for the pattern!

    1. The size of the top is 146/152 (my daughter is 10 years old). I used 1 ball of each and I had lots left over!

    2. Thanks! Mine is 11 but small, so I think this size would fit her as well, but she wants it a little longer. I think that 1 ball of each is still enough.

    3. Hahaha mine is 10 and big! For sure it will be enough, i had more than half a ball left from all colours.