Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Coasters

It's not that far away anymore! CHRISTMAS!!!  3 Days ago Scheepjes started a Christmas Bloghop

For 10 days they'll hop from blog to blog for inspiration and free patterns to keep you busy in this festive month!
Yesterday it was Jellina's turn, she made a tree garland check it out at
Today it's mine and I made these colorful Christmas ball coasters to brighten up the dinner table by then.
The yarn I used is Larra by Scheepjeswol, it's a nice and very shiny 100% cotton, perfect for these Christmas items!
An other perfect yarn for this, is Catona by Scheepjeswol which is available in 69 colors, you can find them all in my shop here.

Hope you will enjoy this simple little project! I am very curious to see what Nerissa is sharing with us tomorrow,
Don't forget to check it out at!!!

Pattern Christmas Coaster:
Klik hier voor de NL versie.

Larra grey nr7327, green,7413 en 7402, purple 7395 and 7417, pink 7394, red 7400 en blue 7371. Hook 2,5 mm.
US terms

Crochet in the round:
ch 3 close ring with sl st. 
ch 2 to start rows with (=1dc) and end with sl st.
1. 12dc in ring
2. *2dc* around. (24) 
3. *dc 1, 2dc next st* (36) 
4. *dc 2, 2dc next st* (48) 
5. *dc 3, 2dc next st* (60)

Then crochet on top with grey:
1. 6sc
2. 6sc
3. 6sc
4. 6sc
5. 6sc
6. 3sc, ch 20,close with sl st in first chain, 3sc.


  1. How cute! I'm far too busy crafting Xmas presents and this year I haven't had time (again!) for decorations, but a couple of these I might make, they look quick - and lovely! : )

  2. Absolutely wonderful idea! Going to find yarn and make some today, thank you for sharing Atty.
    Happy festive season, Heike ��

    1. Show me pictures!
      Happy festive season to you too!

  3. So beautiful coasters! Thank you very much for the idea!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love these...such wonderful colors! Thanks!

  5. Hi Atty! These are seriously cool! <3
    thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx

  6. LOVE these! Where can I find that yarn? Love the colors

  7. I think these would be beautiful tied to the ribbon on a package, hung on the Christmas tree, or used to make a festive garland as well as coasters. VERY nice!!!

  8. I would like to know what name brand of yarn was used also.. lovely!

    1. It's mentioned above the pictures and the specific numbers right above the pattern.

  9. Hi, what size hook did you use? I can't tell from the instructions if it's 2.5 mm or 5 mm. Thanks!

  10. I can't find 7395 - is there any chance it's 7401?

    1. It's probably not available in your yarnshop. 7401 is darker.

    2. I'm at Deramore's - Scheepjeswol seems incredibly hard to find in the US. Maybe they are out of it at the moment. Thanks for your reply!

  11. Hello

    Please discard 1st post, if you got it. I was trying to review it, but it may have gone to publish.

    I just found your site, and I found these coasters. I ordered the yarn except I could not get 7395 which is a purple colour. In Canada, I ordered from I can hardly wait so I can start. Each year I try and make a Christmas crochet or knit, decoration that each member of my family can keep as tree ornaments. I think they'll love this one.

    Have a great day


    Ps. Love your blog.

  12. Love this pattern! Just one question: what size hook is used? Thanks!

  13. I am going to make small ones for our Christmas tree. Thank you for the great inspiration <3

  14. thank you for showing the picture and written pattern. it will help the people i'm teaching.

  15. How do you connect the top of the ornament to the ornament?

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