Friday, September 14, 2018

Double A Design Shadow Square Blanket: Free Pattern

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More than a year ago my crochet bestie Annelies and I were inspired by shadow block quilts, we just love them but both didn't feel like sewing one! So why not crochet one we thought. The result was beyond expected.
Annelies made hers with Stylecraft Classique Cotton dk and I made mine with Stylecraft Batik dk.

Annelies shares the free pattern on her blog here.
I used Stylecraft Batik with hook 4mm.
12x 1900 cream, 2x 1915 graphite, 1x 1906 heather, 1x 1907 plum, 1x 1908 sage, 1x 1909 teal, 1x 1910 pistachio, 1x 1911 oive, 1x 1913 storm, 1x 1916 rose, 1x 1918 mint
I joined the squares as you go in the last round, like this:
before you make the chain in the corner you take your hook out of your work and put it through the chain 1 space from a finished square, pick up the loop again from the square you are working on.

and pull the loop through and make the chain, which becomes more of a slip stitch now
Follow the pattern, but take your hook out after every stitch to pick up the corresponding stitch from the finished square.
                                                                            don't pick up the last stitch from the finished square

put hook through chain 1 space from finished square, pick up loop and pull through and chain,follow the pattern to finish te square.

I made a real simple border of dc all around with (2dc, c, 2dc) in the chain 1 spaces in the corners.

Enjoy the pattern and I hope to see lots of Shadow Square Blankets on social media soon, so please remember to use #shadowsquareblanket and #doubleAdesign
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Friday, July 20, 2018

Crochet Summer Square

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I had some bright colors cotton 8 from Durable laying around on my desk and even though I have a million other projects I should finish first, I couldn't resist doing a fast little project with them.
So I made nice little simple squares.
And turned the little square into a cell phone bag, which I will use a lot during my upcoming summer holiday!
I have to start packing my bags and don't have time to write down the whole pattern, so I am only sharing the charts for the square with you and leave the rest up to you're own creativity. Enjoy!
Crochet in between the stitches except for the last round.

This blog post contains affiliate links. I only link to products I personally use or would use.  All opinions are my own.